Operation BAM

In 2009, Maranatha Church and Pastor Mark Trice received a mandate from God to reach out to local children during the Christmas holidays.  Soon after this Operation B.A.M. – Be A Miracle! - was established. OPERATION B.A.M. is an annual outreach for the MC Family, one in which God leads us to specific people, or groups, that stand in need of a miracle. Plans begin months in advance with December being the month of impact.  

In December 2015, Maranatha Church blessed 20 families by providing their entire Christmas. Blessing upon blessing pored in for those in need, and God's love was shared during this season of giving! We also helped build Lupita's Nest, a home for a pastor and his family, at missionary Carla Mansee’s house and bought rehabilitation equipment to assist wounded veterans at the Roever Foundation.

In December 2014, Maranatha Church blessed 21 Wounded Veterans’ families by providing their entire Christmas. As you can imagine, each and every family, as well as those delivering, was touched and overwhelmed by the love of God so miraculously expressed. We also presented hundreds of Bibles to active military soldiers and paid for the prosthetic legs of a young lady wounded in a war-torn country.

In December 2013, Maranatha Church blessed Wounded Veterans’ families, as well as an entire orphanage in Mexico.  If you visit our gallery, you can see the joy expressed on the faces of each and every family-everyone was so touched and God moved in a tremendous way.   

In December 2012 Maranatha distributed almost 1000 bicycles!  320 families visited our church service on B.A.M. Distribution Day and were loved on, heard a moving message about Christ  and left with bikes for all their children.  What a day – we will never forget the emotion and joy experienced by everyone!  It was certainly a Miracle Day!

In December 2011 Maranatha distributed over 1000 bicycles! There are no words to describe the emotion shared by those receiving the gifts - and those giving them.    

In December 2010, Maranatha distributed over 500 BIKES. Thanks to the generousity of the MC family and businesses in our area, the outreach was a huge success. A volunteer force of over 150 people drove into apartment complexes and trailer parks in the Mont Belvieu, Baytown, Highlands, Crosby areas, delivering bicycles and inviting families to come to church to receive a gift. 

In December 2009 Maranatha distributed over 500 bicycles! Pastor Mark introduced "OPERATION B.A.M." to the MC family   during the Christmas season and MC set out to "Be A Miracle" - delivering over 500 gifts and bikes to neighborhoods in our surrounding area. Not only did the volunteers physically give to our community, they also took time to present the message of salvation and invite people to church. Many received Jesus as Lord of their lives.



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